Our Performance

​​Responsible Business

We’re committed to doing our bit – for the environment and for our community.


Making a Positive Difference

With all the challenges the world faces today, corporate responsibility is now more important than ever. Orbit has always taken corporate responsibility seriously. As well as doing what’s right for the environment, we’re committed to making a difference to our community.

Some examples of our responsible initiatives include:

  • Each Orbit office has its own environmentally-friendly policies, including reducing wastage by using recycling facilities, minimising travel by using video conferencing and saving paper by using electronic itineraries.
  • We sponsor and support businesses that are devoted to improving the well-being of our community. Some examples of this include Ronald McDonald House, Red Cross, Hospice New Zealand,
  • We help clients reduce their carbon footprint by providing CO2 calculations for flights, considering carbon-friendly hotels, and implementing policies to ensure that travellers choose fuel-efficient vehicles. Ask about how we can help you to reduce your carbon footprint.