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It pays to ​book ahead

Whatever month of the year it is, we know that it pays to be organised with your travel plans due to the constant flow of events happening around the country that can cause travel disruptions, delays, or a lack of availability.

To give yourself the best chance of availability for your travel needs, please get in touch with your Orbit Consultant as soon as you know of any travel plans.
We are currently updating this page.

ASB Auckland Marathon   |   Sunday 31 October

AIMS Games   |   4-10 September
Garmin Tauranga Marathon   |   Sunday 19 September
City to Surf and Surf to Surf   |   Sunday 7 November

Taupo Marathon   |   Saturday 31 July
Taupo Ultramarathon   |   Saturday 16 October

IRONMAORI Quarter   |   Saturday 6 November
IRONMAORI Half   |   Saturday 4 December

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Guns n’ Roses   |   Friday 19 November

Queenstown Marathon   |   Saturday 20 November


Guns n’ Roses   |   Sunday 21 November

Public Holidays
Labour Day   |   Monday 25 October

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