Our Solutions

Travel management for businesses - it's what we live and breathe

As one of New Zealand’s largest travel management companies, we have a wide range of business and corporate clients that we provide travel management services for – ranging from small, to medium to large companies. Our clients are also a mix of public sector and private sector, and a mix of local businesses and nationwide businesses. We have been round long enough to know that most businesses – irrelevant of their size - have many similar needs for their business travel.

Our Offering

Because we are focused on providing tailored and personalised solutions to our clients, a one size fits all model is not how we work. Whether you are after reporting, expense management, peace of mind for your traveller’s safety and well-being, access to fares and rates, or booking systems and new technologies – these services and solutions are available to all our clients.

Our business model is built around flexibility and personalisation so that we can ensure we are meeting the needs of all of our clients – no matter their size.

Find out more about some of our key products and services:

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 - Expense Management
 - Online Booking Tool
 - Duty of Care
 - Other Orbit Products
 - Ask for a free review of your travel policy