Our Solutions

​​State of the art booking tool

Just like a customised website, our state-of-the-art booking tool Orbit Online keeps all your company’s travel information in the one place and lets you book and confirm everything with incredible ease. It remembers your profile details, is programmed with your organisation’s rates, and instantly confirms whether your booking is compliant with your travel policy.


One stop shop

Orbit Online is essentially a one-stop-shop that can be fully customised to all of your needs and policies, and best of all -because you are doing it yourself, you will be minimising the amount of time and money you spend on travel management.

Orbit Online allows you to book and confirm flights, accommodation, taxis, and rental cars, create and update your own profile as well as profiles of other travellers, preload travel policies, request bookings for motels and ground transport (ferry, train, bus etc), and much more.

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