​Our smart data and reporting tool

Our reporting tool, Orbit Intelligence, has been developed to provide our clients with the knowledge they need to make informed and insightful decisions about how their travel is managed.

Orbit Intelligence provides on-demand access to data, with easy-to-configure reports and data dashboards. This means that reporting is available for you whenever you need it, all hours of the day. Its functionality allows you to manipulate and dig-down into the data in whatever way you need. Having access to smart, understandable insights and information will make sure you are getting the best value from your travel management. 

At Orbit, arming our clients with information like this is a central part of our service. Developed with our data software partner Travelogix, the features and functionality of Orbit Intelligence are unique to the New Zealand market.

Orbit Intelligence provides our clients with an even greater level of analysis and analytics on their travel behaviours.

Dashboard view of Travelogix D4. 2

​Examples o​f reports:

  • By market (domestic/trans-Tasman/international)
  • By travel type (air/accommodation/rental cars/other)
  • Booking lead time
  • Online vs Offline
  • Lost opportunity (missed savings)
  • Average airfare
  • Fully Flexi airfare percentage
  • Average cost of changes
  • Average rental car cost per day
  • Car hire overview
  • Hotel overview
  • Expenditure overview - split by month
  • Expenditure by groups - group spend by accounting codes. For example, a cost centre or business unit.
  • Top travellers overview - top travellers by spend or number of bookings
  • Airline class of service breakdown – allows a user to see how their air spend is broken down by class of service
  • CO2 reports for flights

Key features:

  • Access to data and reporting 24/7
  • Seven seconds flat -that’s all it will take to run a report
  • Simple, no fuss data-uploads
  • Easy to access, interactive and customisable dashboards, allowing you to get simple snapshots of your reports – in real time
  • PC, Mac, tablet, and mobile friendly
  • You can have simple snapshots of your reports or you can drill down to comprehensive and detailed reports
  • The whole system is cloud based so there is no need to have any hardware or systems installed locally
  • The ability to share data and reports securely, without needing to provide access to the system

Orbit Intelligence