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Smart data and reporting, anytime you need it

An integral part of having the support and value for your business travel, should be how you are provided with insights, and understanding about your travel so that can make changes and enhancements to continually improve.

Our reporting tool, Orbit Intelligence, has been developed to provide our clients with the intelligence and knowledge they need to make informed and insightful decisions about how their travel is managed. If you are not being provided with intelligence, how is your travel company supporting you?

Orbit Intelligence

Orbit Intelligence has been developed to give Orbit clients all of the information they need, so they can be as efficient and effective as possible with their travel management.

Orbit Intelligence provides on-demand access to data, with easy to configure reports and data dashboards. This means that reporting is available for you whenever you need it, all hours of the day – with functionality that allows you to manipulate and dig-down into the data however you may need it. Smart, intelligent insights and information to make sure you are getting the best value from your travel management.

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