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Delivering value through suppliers & partners

No matter what the size your travel budget, we can help you maximise it. Delivering value, benefits, leading rates, and dedicated supplier support is a key reason to have Orbit as your travel partner.

Orbit Plus+

Orbit Plus+

Orbit’s preferred supplier programme gives our clients access to industry lead rates and benefits from our key suppliers and industry partners that we work with.

Whether it is airlines, car rentals, taxis, or accommodation, we take great pride in Orbit Plus+ as a key offering for our clients in delivering value from the key relationships and partnerships we have with our suppliers. We believe we have the most dedicated supplier and partner programme in the corporate travel market in New Zealand.

Passing on benefits to clients

Because we are one of the largest travel companies for businesses in New Zealand, we have strong buying power to secure the most competitive rates in the market. This is great news for you because in addition to your own negotiated rates, you‘ll enjoy access to a huge range of preferential rates and additional benefits.

You’ll benefit from Orbit’s own negotiated deals with our preferred suppliers. This includes over 90 accommodation providers throughout New Zealand, Australia, and worldwide, as well as our own negotiated deals with major airlines, including Air New Zealand. Many of the top-rated taxis and car rental companies around the world are also included. This means that regardless of your travel spend, you will always enjoy the highest level of service − at the best possible price.

It's all about the value

Delivering value through Orbit Plus+ is what the programme is all about. Read our blog here about Orbit Plus+ and how we deliver value through our partner agreements and relationships.