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All your trip details in your hand

Forget about paper itineraries. Our exclusive Orbit Travel App leads the way in the travel management market in New Zealand, giving Orbit travellers access to the latest technology, functionality, and features to make your business travel that much easier.

The App uses ‘push technology’ so that any updates Orbit make to your itinerary will automatically populate and update in the App, meaning you don’t need to login or re-enter a booking reference each time you have travel details updated.

Built to work with Apple, Android, and Windows phones, the app is FREE to download and available exclusively to clients of Orbit Travel worldwide.

Click here to find out more about the App, including its features and functionality.


The Apple, Android, and Windows versions of the​ App can be download from the App Stores below.

Apple App Store Download     google-play-download     Get it on Windows 10

The Windows version of the Orbit App has been designed and optimised for Windows 10 compatible mobile devices.  If your mobile uses Windows 8 or 8.1 operating system we suggest you upgrade to Windows 10 in order to use the Orbit App. The best way to do this is to download The Upgrade Advisor app via the Windows Store. This app will identify if your mobile version is compatible and can assist with applying the upgrade to Windows 10.    

The iPhone and Android versions of the Orbit App have been designed and optimised to work with all iPhone and Android phones, as long as the phone is operating within 2 versions of the current operating system. You can usually find the operating system on your phone under Settings.