Why choose ORBIT2

Why Choose Orbit?

​Inspiring business travel experiences

Orbit World Travel are a travel management company – in simple terms, this means we are a travel agency, but for businesses. We understand that business travel can be demanding. We’ve all been there. That’s why we know how to make the experience easier, more cost-effective, and best of all, more inspiring.

  Creative and personal

Our role

We take the time to understand your business so we can use our position as New Zealand’s leading travel management company to give you a competitive edge. Our focus is on making your business travel the best experience possible.

An inspiring business travel experience? We know that business travel is not likely to inspire you in the same way as your own personal trip abroad, but experience has shown us that it’s the little things that make the biggest difference to your business travel experience. That may be through our industry leading app, it may be the extra mile we go with our service and advice, or it could be the level of detail we provide in our reporting for clients.

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