Why choose ORBIT2

Why Choose Orbit?

Innovation is in our DNA

Technology has always played a key role in the way we’ve done business, and we’re continually investing in smarter ways to help you do yours.


Our partner, Amadeus − the largest travel technology company in the world – provides us with the latest and most advanced solutions available. Because we are the third largest user of the Amadeus e-Travel Management booking system for Amadeus worldwide, it is partnerships like this that allow us to pass the benefits we receive onto our clients.

In addition to the Amadeus relationship, we have our own in-house team of IT experts who are constantly working on how we can ensure our solutions are tailored to our clients, right down to the smallest detail. It’s all about helping you to work more innovatively and creatively for your business travel needs.

Whether it is our industry leading Orbit Travel App, our consolidated invoice solutions, reporting, our online booking tool, or our other unique solutions we have developed – technology is something we are always working on to stay one step ahead.

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