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Sudima Auckland City
Sudima Auckland City

The challenge

The world of sustainability is moving quickly. Measurements are becoming more detailed, and data is becoming more granular. However, we still have a long way to go.

Currently, the carbon footprint of accommodation is based on an average amount for each country. This means wherever you stay in New Zealand, your carbon impact is measured as the same, making it difficult to compare the carbon impact of hotels at the point of booking and deliver a ‘measurable’ reduction through the accommodation portion of travel.


Our Solution

Orbit & Qualmark join forces

Orbit has come together with New Zealand quality tourism assurance organisation, Qualmark, to help make it easier to choose accommodation providers with sustainable practices when travelling for business.

How does it work?

As part of this partnership, Orbit trusts the Qualmark STB within our Orbit Plus+ preferred supplier programme, so we can more easily profile properties that show a proven commitment toward a sustainable future and reduction of their environmental impact.

The framework has a holistic approach to sustainability and is used to assess accommodation providers in five key areas:

  1. Business Systems
  2. Environment
  3. People & Culture
  4. Social
  5. Health, Safety & Wellness


Properties are awarded Gold, Silver, or Bronze, depending on how far they are on their sustainability journey across all key areas. All three levels of accreditation mean properties meet all of Qualmark’s standards, offer a high level of service, and are aware of their environmental impact.


In a 2022 survey to understand what our customers valued about sustainable practices, Orbit found that socially sustainable practices were just as important, if not more important than environmental activity.

Qualmark considers all corners of sustainability within their framework.


of respondents said sustainable practices were an important part of their booking decision.

Fair wage

was the most important sustainable practice with 63.5% of respondents including it in their top 3. Followed by environmentally friendly amenities and good waste management practices.

Why Qualmark?

Qualmark is a quality assurance organisation who not only independently validates the quality of New Zealand accommodation, but their Sustainable Tourism Business (STB) Award criteria assesses and validates properties delivering a quality sustainable experience to travellers.

It’s important when delivering a sustainability framework that the information provided to our customers is validated. Each member property is assessed by a specialist accommodation assessor which means you can be confident these properties are committed to doing better.


There are several sustainability strategies out there used by properties, which can make it difficult to compare or easily share. We can combat this by using a single programme like Qualmark which means that all properties identified are measured using the same criteria.

Qualmark's criteria are also GSTC (Global Sustainable Tourism Council) aligned, which means all the criteria properties are assessed by, are aligned with global benchmarking standards for all accommodation. Qualmark is currently in the process of becoming officially GSTC recognised and is awaiting confirmation.

Orbit celebrates as net carbonzero certified

Orbit is Toitū carbonzero certified across our entire network. We know the importance of not only assisting our clients to reduce their carbon footprint through environmental reporting, but also implementing strategies to become carbon neutral within our own operation.


*Orbit Plus+ preferred partner, Sudima Auckland City lobby shown in the banner image. Sudima Auckland City has Qualmark Silver Accreditation. They are also Qualmark COVID Clean Approved.

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