Expense Management

Clever accounting

Reconciling travel expenses and managing different payments while travelling can be a hassle – and a waste of your organisations time and money. That's why we developed our own highly efficient accounting and expense management tool.

Woman working on laptop in a cafe
Woman working on laptop in a cafe

Consolidated invoices

If you find handling numerous invoices for each travel component of a trip a hassle – with Orbit, there is no need. Instead, you can simplify the way you manage spend by receiving one fully reconciled and detailed invoice each month.

The single consolidated invoice will include all transactions, broken down to supplier chargeback incidental level, including amendments and credits.

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Charge it back to Orbit

At Orbit, we recognise the need to manage the travel expenses of a business trip. While some organisations prefer to use purchasing cards and reconcile these internally, we’ve taken the problem away – saving you time and money.

With Orbit Chargeback, expenses can be charged directly to Orbit, and we’ll provide your company with one fully reconciled and detailed invoice audited against your travel policy. As well as making your job easier, this service eliminates the risk of fraudulent use of your organisation’s credit cards.

Keep track of your credits

We understand that clients need quick and easy access to their ticket credits to maximise on money already spent. Orbit has a streamlined process to best utilise available credits, manage new bookings in line with relevant cost centres and coding, as well as return any available refunds. This means that when a traveller makes a booking, Orbit can apply any available credits including matching the best credit to use if multiple credits exist or, if a credit is about to expire, and needs to be used.

Laptop showing document collation

Choice of coding

Capture all required cost centres and reason for travel at the point of booking – whatever makes it easier for your invoicing and reporting.

Tailored to you

Because it's Orbit own technology, we can modify and enhance files to suit your organisations specific needs – so it can be uploaded into your finance system with no manual intervention.

Shared securely

Orbit can use API connections to share your invoicing and spend data efficiently and securely. processes. Each API connection is tailored to your coding needs to invoice cycle.

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