An eye on the future

We’re in the business of global travel, which means we’re also in the business of protecting the globe. Our team has been working to reduce our carbon footprint for almost a decade. Because of our actions, Orbit has been awarded carbonzero certification by Toitū, an organisation leading the way in carbon and environmental programmes.


Our aim is to be the sustainable travel management company of choice for businesses in New Zealand and Australia. We empower our people to thrive through building partnerships and delivering effective travel and event management solutions that are creative, innovative, sustainable and future-focused.

Sustainability is at the heart of our business today and tomorrow. We are committed to caring for people, our planet, our partnerships and ensuring ongoing prosperity.


Orbit celebrates zero carbon

The Orbit Group is a Toitū net carbonzero certified organisation. Joining our Auckland office who celebrates over 14 years as net carbonzero with Toitū.

This is the start of our carbon reduction journey, as we work to do our part to keep global temperatures at 1.5. While we take action to reduce emissions, we are proactively offsetting our impacts through the purchase of carbon credits to become carbon neutral within our own operation.

Alignment to SDGs

Orbit have used the UN Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs) as a blueprint for our sustainability framework. The SDGs form part of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development adopted by all United Nations Members to guide positive change for our people and planet.

Orbit have identified nine SDGs that we believe we can contribute the most to, and that align with our four pillars: People, Planet, Partnerships and Prosperity.

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Performance measurement

We've established a working group responsible for monitoring progress and ensure we deliver on our commitments to reduce our own environmental impact. They are supported by an online platform that helps us track and report on our performance across the organisation.


More Sustainable Stays

Our clients demand sustainable options. That’s why we ask all accommodation providers in our preferred suppliers’ programme about their environmental and social sustainability strategies.

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Sustainable choices

Want to search for low emission rental cars or choose sustainable accommodation? We’ve re-engineered our search engine so that’s exactly what you’ll find – planet-friendly choices at the click of a button.


Manage what you measure

One of the best ways we can support our
clients with their own sustainability journey is
by providing accurate and detailed information about their travel footprint. With this, they can better measure and manage their emissions.

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