Orbit Offset

Reduce your footprint. Love our land.

Orbit World Travel is taking the initiative with New Zealand businesses through the launch of Orbit Offset. Our first comprehensive, customer specific, carbon measurement and offset programme for travel that covers flights, accommodation and vehicle travel.

This carbon offset programme is a unique three way partnership between Orbit, Toitū Envirocare and Orbit’s clients. With Orbit Offset, your business gets access to a suite of emission measurement tools and offset mechanisms that meet international standards and best practice – giving you an easy and effective way to embrace carbon offsetting across all of your travel.


Orbit Offset Journey-01

How it works

Orbit Offset makes compliance simple.

Using innovative robotics to access and measure your business travel carbon footprint, Orbit Offset  provides carbon emission data verified by Toitū Envirocare. Orbit Offset then provides detailed reporting  and offset mechanisms for you to purchase credits from one of four carbon offset portfolios in partnership with Toitū Envirocare.  

What are you committing to?

There are three offerings within Orbit Offset for selection, depending on what point you are at on your sustainability journey.

-   Enhanced monthly reporting
-   Carbonreduce and carbonzero Toitū verified reporting
-   Carbonreduce and carbonzero Toitū verified reporting + carbon emission offset

Orbit is on track to be carbonzero

Orbit is on a journey to become Toitū carbonzero certified across our entire network which is scheduled for completion by Q3 2021. Following Orbit Auckland, who since 2008, has had a long-standing partnership with Toitū Envirocare, previously known as Enviro-Mark Solutions. 

At Orbit, we recognise the importance of not only assisting our clients to reduce their carbon footprint through environmental reporting, but also implementing strategies to achieve the goal of becoming carbon neutral within our own operation.