Simple and efficient payment systems

Reconciling travel expenses and managing different payments while travelling can be a hassle – and a waste of your organisations time and money. That's why we developed our own highly efficient accounting and expense management tool − ORCA (Orbit Reconciliation and Consolidated Accounting). 

There’s no need for paper invoices – or for your accounts team to handle individual invoices from suppliers. Instead, ORCA provides one fully reconciled and detailed invoice every fortnight or month. Also included in your invoice can be chargeback costs from suppliers. 

Orbit’s Chargeback service gives you the flexibility of receiving all your travel costs – flights, accommodation, rental cars and taxis – together in the one convenient invoice. All your costs will be charged to Orbit World Travel, before being invoiced, all together, to you.


All your travel expenses in one invoice – it couldn’t be simpler.


ORCA has the ability to automatically upload travel transactions directly into your accounting system – whether it’s SAP, Oracle or NaVision – via one customised report. This report gives you a breakdown of all travel costs you’ve booked through us, and can be split by cost centre or business division to suit your GL coding structure – it’s completely up to you. Rather than individual paper invoices, each fortnight or month you’ll receive one fully reconciled, consolidated and detailed invoice. 

Because Orbit owns ORCA, we can modify and enhance it to suit your organisations specific needs – which means it can be uploaded into your finance system with no manual intervention.

Key benefits:

  • ORCA can allocate multiple cost centres to travel, or split travel costs across different cost centres – whatever makes it easier for your invoicing and reporting.
  • A range of accounting codes and purchase orders can be included in each travel booking – providing information the way you want it.
  • ORCA interfaces seamlessly with Orbit Online to streamline both booking and invoicing processes, offering you complete transparency.
  • ORCA can be modified/enhanced to suit your organisation’s specific needs and is compatible with all major accounting systems.
  • Saves your organisation the cost of reconciling and processing invoices individually − approximately $30- $50 per invoice.
  • No need for you to reconcile airline travelcards or to reconcile corporate credit cards for Jetstar flights.
  • We can adapt ORCA to your invoicing cycle and ensure that your invoice period is closed off on the required day of the month.


If you find handling numerous invoices a hassle, or if your travellers are still paying for hotels, taxis etc as they go, you’ll really appreciate Orbit’s Chargeback service. It gives you the flexibility of receiving all your travel costs – accommodation, rental cars and taxis as well as flights – together in the one convenient invoice.

Your travellers won’t need to pay for each service directly, so you won’t need to provide them with credit cards or reimburse them for paying with their own money and they won’t need to process time-consuming travel claims. Instead, all your costs will be charged to Orbit for auditing and reconciling, before being invoiced, together in one statement, to you. As well as making your job easier, this service eliminates the risk of fraudulent use of your organisation’s credit cards.